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Sun Solaris
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This certification is for system administrators tasked with performing essential system administration procedures on the Solaris[tm] Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and technical application support staff responsible for administering a networked server running on the Solaris OE.
System Administration - SA1

- Solaris System Concepts
- The boot PROM
- Installing the Solaris software
- Process control
- The boot Process
- The system states
- Software packages administration
- Maintaining patches
- Adding users
- Administration of initialization files
- System Security
- Advance file permission
- Disk configuration & managment
- Disk Partition, & Formatting
- Creating slices
- Introduction to File Systems
- Mounting file systems
- The LP print service
- Print command
- Backup, Restore

System Aministration - SA2

- The Solaris Network Environment
- Installing a Server
- Manage virtual file systems and core dumps.
- Manage storage volumes.
- Control access and configure system messaging
- Set up naming service.
- Perfrom advanced Installation procedures.

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