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The A+ Certification course is designed to provide an in-depth study of the various areas that are related to servicing microcomputers and peripheral PC devices.

This course will prepare the student for the A+ Certification exam, and will also be a useful resource to any one wanting to gain more knowledge about PCs and related hardware. The course is not intended to create hardware and software experts. Rather, the A+ Certification Course will provide students with a solid base understanding of PC Hardware, DOS and Windows, Networking, Printers and Troubleshooting. Expertise in these areas will come from experience and continued study.

Topics Covered:

-Safety when performing maintenance on computer equipment.
- Identification and knowledge of computer hardware.
- Assembly and disassembly of PCs .
- Installation and use of basis Dos commands.
-Configuration and optimization of DOS environment.
- Configuration of computer equipment.
- Diagnosing and troubleshooting problems with peripherals.
- Installation and optimization of Windows 2000.
-Proper use and troubleshooting of different printers.
- Familiarity with LANs and their basis components.
-Implementing a preventive maintenance program.

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