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Secur- Securing CISCO IOS NETWORK (642-501)

1. Network Security
2. Basis Cisco Router Security
3.. Advanced AAA Security for Cisco Router Networks
4. Cisco Router Threat Mitigation
5. Cisco ISO Firewall Context-Based Access Control Configuration
6. Cisco ISO Firewall Authentication Proxy
7. Cisco ISO Firewall Intrusion Detection System
8. Building IPSec VPNs Using Cisco Routers
9- Building Advanced IPSec VPNs Using Cisco Router And Certificate Authorities
10. Configuration IOS Remote Access Using Cisco Easy VPN
11. Managing Enterprise VPN Routers


1. Network Security
2. Firewalls and Cisco PIX Firewall
3. The Cisco PIX Firewall Family
4. Getting Started with Cisco PIX Firewall
5. Translations and Connections Access Control Lists and Content Filtering
6. Object Grouping
7. Advanced Protocol Handling
8. Attack Guard, Intrusion Detection, and Shunning
9. Authentucation, Authorization, and Accounting
10. Failover
11. Virtual Private Networks
12. System Managment
13. Cisco Pix Device Manager

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