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Ice Cream >> Cantaloupe Ice Cream
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Ice Cream >> Cantaloupe Ice Cream


Cantaloupe, Very Ripe . . 1 Lg Lemon . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 No (juice) Sweet Cream Base . . . . 1 No
This Is One Of Jerry`s Favorite Flavors, But They Never Figured Out How To Make It In Large Batches.
It`s Sold Only In Their Downtown Store.
Cut The Cantaloupe In Half And Clean Out The Seeds.
Scoop The Fruit Into A Mixing Bowl, Add The Lemon Juice, And Mash Until The Fruit Is Purred.
Drain The Juice Into Another Bowl And Reserve.
Cover The Melon Puree And Refrigerate.
Prepare The Sweet Cream Base And Whisk In The Fruit Juice.
Transfer The Mixture To An Ice Cream Maker And Freeze Following The Manufacturer`s Instructions.
After The Ice Cream Stiffens, About 2 Minutes Before It Is Done, Add The Cantaloupe.
If More Juice Has Accumulated, Do Not Pour It In Because It Will Water Down The Ice Cream.
Continue Freeziung Until The Ice Cream Is Ready.
Makes 1 Generous Quart.
Variation: Coconut Cantaloupe: Use Half The Amount Of Cantaloupe And Lemon Juice Asked For In Step 1. Add 1 Cup Coconut Cream, Such As Coco Lopez, To The Sweet Cream Base In Step

Complete The Recipe As Directed. You can serve with your family and friends.
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