Beauty Tips
Perfect hair colour
Colouring your own hair can be a daunting idea if you've never done it before. But in reality it's a surprisingly easy process, especially if you follow these 12 top tips to perfect home hair colouring.

A Test is Best
Before you colour your hair, it's very important to do a strand test on a discreet lock of hair first. That way you can see if you like the colour and also be sure that the product won't irritate your skin.

Nearly Natural
You've finally decided to take the plunge but are a bit worried that it won't look natural. This is easily avoided if you always pick a colour that's only two or three tones away from your own hair colour.

The Right Tone
Always think about your skin tone and eye colour when choosing a hair colorant. Blue eyes and pale skin suit blond tones, medium skin tone and hazel eyes look great with dark blond and copper colours, darker skin tones suit dramatic shades of purple and mahogany.

Not a Stain in Sight
A brilliant salon tip is to smooth some Vaseline around your hairline before actually applying the colour. This will reduce the chances of staining your skin during over-enthusiastic application.

Time is of the Essence
Always stick to the timings on the box ? They?ve been endlessly studied and are there for a reason?to protect the condition of your hair.

A Helping Hand

For a professional effect, carefully apply the colour section by section, working the product through your hair to the ends. The best way of course to avoid any major accidents is to grab a friend and ask them to do the back for you.

Electric Colour
The first time you dye your hair, drying it with a blow dryer increases the intensity of the colour. However you should do so on a low heat to avoid any further damage.

TLC - Truly Lovely Colour!
Coloured hair needs to be well looked after, so make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that not only nourishes your hair but helps maintain the colour for as long as possible.


With a new head of hair, you can completely change the way you apply make-up. If you?ve gone darker, it?s the perfect opportunity to use a striking red lipstick and a blusher. If you've gone lighter, try an electric blue linerA> to really bring out your eyes.

Luscious Locks
Colouring your hair regularly can have a drying effect. To avoid this, treat your hair regularly to an extra intensive conditioner that not only restores your hair but keeps the colour fresh and vibrant.

A Hint of Colour
If you only want a hint of colour that lasts for a few weeks, why not try a semi permanent colorant that will gradually wash out.
This is a great way of "dressing up" your hair with the commitment!

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!
Have fun with your hair! Mis-judged colours will always grow out, so why not take a few risks and go for a completely new look? you never know, it might change your hair identity forever.