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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) – All the Information You Need

VoIP technology is revolutionary in that it combines internet access with telephone service therefore utilizing the same technology for two very different things. Now, instead of having a traditional phone connection, VoIP technology enables you to use your internet broadband connection to make telephone calls.

1) So how does a VoIP phone work?

Firstly, you need a broadband connection and a router. This device works by allowing you to take phone calls as before. However, with a VoIP phone, the connection is now digital instead of through a phone line. A VoIP phone also has a gateway that connects you to a network. Your voice is then converted to a digital sound and this information can be sent in packets enabling you to have great sound and connection to people with and without the VoIP service.

2) What do you need to get started?

Of course, you need a broadband internet connection. Although VoIP can work with other internet service providers, the voice reception quality will not be as it would be with broadband.

3) What are the benefits of a VoIP phone?

The main benefit is that the VoIP phone costs much less that the traditional phone lines. This applies whether you use a cell phone or home phone service. Unlike home phone services, regular long distance callers really notice the benefits of a VoIP phone. The more long distance calls you make the more you save since with a VoIP phone the location of the caller and the person receiving the call is not important. Since you are also able to take you adapter with you, this service is perfect for the travelers among you. VoIP phones are also cost effective if you wish to add to your service. For example, instead of the normal fee of adding a phone line to your traditional home service, you need only pay a minimal amount since those with VoIP phones need to install any additional equipment.

4) Are there any disadvantages of switching to a VoIP phone?

Although there are some disadvantages, however these are minor. Poor voice quality can occur when the reception is poor. However, this is something we already have to contend with cell phones. Also, since a VoIP phone is connected to a broadband connection, if the company supplying you with this connection has any problem with its power supply, then your call will automatically be cut off. This may also occur when there is poor signal in an area.

5) What are the future applications?

Presently, the majority of companies allow you to be online at the same time as making calls. There are no limitations to this service and in this area can only grow and progress in the future. VoIP phone use will become more and more common and easier to use, as digital phones will be made. This means that a customer no longer needs a router and this will lead to VoIP phones becoming more popular than the traditional phone line.

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