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Publisher, Are You Getting What You Deserve?

Isn't it about time that publishers reaped their long, overdue recognition? Jane Fulton and Jude Wright, owners of Three Dollar Ads think so! Since we are both publishers, we got together and decided to put together a site that benefits publishers for all their hard work:

This is what we came up with:

How about...

  • Being part of a publishers community where you can share ideas, problems, concerns...with people that under them because they are publishers just like you are--Someone you have things in common with.

  • Being part of an affiliate program that is ONLY open to publishers. What does that mean to you? If you sell Sally an ad today, she won't try to sell you one tomorrow. Now isn't that refreshing?

  • Being part of an auction where you can auction off your solo ads and banner and button advertising space in your newsletter or your site and You keep ALL the money!

  • Being part of a community where you can find ad swaps with fellow publishers.

  • Being part of a community where you can barter goods and services {scripts, ebooks, ads......}

  • Being part of a community where you can submit your articles to the world and each other for use on websites or in publications.

  • Being part of a community where you can find articles to use in your publications or your website.

  • Being part of a community where you and your publication can become known through the newsletter on the site.

  • Being part of a community where you can have professional logos, letterheads, banners....designed just for your business.

  • Being part of a community where you can grow your list of subscribers.

  • Being part of a community where you will receive Free downloads, gifts, recognition.

  • Being part of a community where you will get special discounts on scripts, ebooks.......

  • Being part of a community where you are in control of the ads you run with your own control panel.

  • Being part of a community where you will find support and help, not criticism and competition.

How many hours per day do you spend finding quality articles for your publication or writing the articles yourself? How many hours do you spend surfing the net trying to find quality ebooks or scripts to pass on to your subscribers? How much money have you spent on resell sites to get quality products for your subscribers? If you are like Jude and I, the total would be outrageous. Don't you think it's about time we got what is due us?

Jude and I have a dream for this community. We KNOW that if all of us as publishers work together, we can help our businesses grow. We are working on new benefits daily for publishers and hope to make this the best community the internet has ever seen! Will you help us? If you are a publisher, you can sign-up at:

Thank you.

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