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Hairdressing Is A Job For Life

Do you remember how years ago people used to refer to certain careers as,ĒA Job For LifeĒ. For instance,Banking,Insurance,Engineering,Armed Forces to name but a few of the industries that used to guarantee job security .Of course a lot of people reading this will no only too well there simply are not those type of careers available in this day and age. With government cut backs,computerisation,Internet wars,big public companies having to keep share holders happy itís a tough world and anyone growing up in it now do have to think carefully about there future.

There is hope. Hairdressing is one of the few industries that once you have trained to be a qualified hairdresser and with a couple of years experience on the salon floor the world is your oyster.

There are many, many facets to hairdressing depending on your particular talents you might want to Teach or run seminars. You could work in films,t.v,or stage shows. Photographers need hairstylists for photo shoots. There is nothing wrong with staying at the salon you trained in for your whole working life, itís a great career and you can earn very good money. How about working anywhere in the world, you can. They are crying out for hairdressers in places like Australia U.S.A.and the U.K.If you donít want any of these options you can simply cut hair at home or go mobile. You could work on cruise ships and travel while you work. If you are a very talented and ambitious hairdresser you could end up on Television.

There are so, so many areas and facets to hairdressing that are overlooked by careers teachers. It is a job so highly in demand that if you get fed up with where you are and you have talent you can almost walk straight into another job. Iím sure I can say with out a shadow of doubt if you ask any Hair Salon Owner what there biggest headache is. They will tell you staff, we can not find good quality staff.

So I call out to anybody who is looking for a career straight out of school, choose Hairdressing, as you can see it is a job for life.

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