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  October 23 - November 21

Scorpio Weekly Overview | Scorpio Love Match | Scorpio At The Glance | Scorpio Career

All about Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Mars. Scorpios' personality is extremely complex and contradictory. They are serious, authoritative, jealous, possessive, and deep thinkers. Because of their intuitive sense, they are able to find out other people's weaknesses. Sometimes Scorpios can be cold, introverted, polemic and lunatic, but beyond the surface there are many good qualities such as strength, and the fact that they are always ready to help other people. They are seldom afraid and they are determined to reach their goals.

Among their most suitable careers are: chemist, psychologist, businessman, and researcher.

They are very passionate people, but in a love relationship they are rather contradictory and complicated. When they fall in love they give themselves body and soul, even though their natural restlessness never abandons them.

Seducing Scorpio Men
Scorpio men are violent, moody, but passionate and exciting as well. Their ideal woman is determined and hard to seduce. Generally, Scorpios prefer hiding their own emotions and hate mawkishnesses.

Tip: Be precious with him!!!

Seducing Scorpio Women
Scorpio women are proud, clever, intuitive, polemic and passionate. Their ideal man should know how to demonstrate passion and strong emotions. Staying with her is quite difficult, but if you let her lead the game and you court her with flowers and presents, she will reward you with her energy and her ardour.

Tip: Don't give her a reason to be jealous!

Famous Scorpio

Famous Scorpios celebrities:

Is an Icelandic singer-songwriter.

Daniella Cicarelli
Is a former TV show hostess for MTV Brasil and a fashion model.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Is an American actor and film producer .

Kathy Griffin
Is an American actress.

Scarlett Johansson
Is an American actress and singer.

Grace Kelly
Was an American actress.

Larry King
Is an American television and radio host.

Demi Moore
Is an American actress.

P. Diddy
Is an American record producer.

Katy Perry
Is an American singer-songwriter and musician.

Famous Scorpios sportsmen:

Luis Figo
Is a former Portuguese footballer.

He was given the title "Athlete of the Century".

Wayne Rooney
Is an English footballer.

Famous Scorpios politicians:

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Is the sixth and current President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Joseph Biden
Current Vice President of the United States.

Condoleezza Rice
Is a professor, diplomat, author, and national security expert.

Famous Scorpios scientists:

James Cook
Was a British explorer .

Pablo Picasso
Was a Spanish painter, draughtsman, and sculptor.

Others famous Scorpios:

Bill Gates
Is an American business magnate.

Calvin Klein
Fashion designer.

Martin Luther
Was theology professor.

Claus von Stauffenberg
Was a German army officer and Catholic aristocrat.

Leon Trotsky
Was a Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist theorist.


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