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  June 22 - July 22

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Cancer Career

Your career gets off to a good start early in the year and you will feel as if you are in a good place to help others. You can do almost any type of job with your attention to detail, ability to concentrate and communication skills. You have an inherent love for health and the perfection of the physical body, and may feel called to work on innovative healthcare. You work very well with people and would also make a good arbitrator or lawyer, championing fairness in relationships. You may need to slow down.

Become more aware of how you can more carefully communicate your needs and aspirations. You need your best side to come through loud and clear. With your sharp abilities to focus on your work and the strong mental connection you have to clearly express yourself in a very practical and matter-of-fact way, you can accomplish a lot without expending more energy than needed. Your dreams are idealistic and you are excited about your personal success and positive service to others. You have a tendency toward fastidiousness and perfectionism which helps make you a good detail artist. You have a talent for design wherein beauty and functionality are combined.

Your strong heart connection and passion for excellence may be feeling a little cramped by someone in authority that might want you to take a different direction. New exciting opportunities to venture out on your own may arise. You may feel somewhat restricted in the expression of your passionate nature. Develop more faith in your abilities and have a more positive attitude toward your own innate wisdom and abilities for optimum success this year.



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