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  May 21 - June 21

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Gemini Career

You are a natural born inventor and as you apply the brilliance of your knowledge, your career will be brought to a new level of success. You enjoy working and security is very important. This may take the form of striving for material rewards. Many of your inventions can be brought effortlessly to production, and you may easily be able to sell some of your ideas. They could positively influence the success of the world's economy and contribute tremendously towards your own financial situation. Your focus is excellent, and you are a good worker because of it.

You enjoy working by yourself more than with others and enjoy spending time using your strong imagination and expressing your individuality. You prefer the unconventional approaches to work with your creativity to continually change the way you do things. Earning money and creating and regenerating new resources to create more abundance in your life is something you will be very good at. You will do well with investments and managing money for others. Money should be flowing in abundantly towards the end of the year, and you may enjoy tuning more into the visionary side of your dreams.

As much as you will be enjoying and feeling motivated by your career because of all the inner changes you've been experiencing in terms of earning more money and getting your ideas into production, in the summer you will find the changes you've been experiencing in this area will enable you to have more time to focus on your own personal needs and desires. Your inquisitive and scientific nature with excellent powers of logic, reason and insight are idealistic yet well grounded in reality. You enjoy opportunities to expressing yourself within the context of larger groups and do well in helping promote group awareness.



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